Just follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to hassle-free banking.

For Current/Savings Account Holders with ATM Card
Go to the nearest CIMB Bank ATM and follow the steps below:

Step 1   Select 'CIMB Clicks Registration'
Step 2   Select 'CIMB Clicks ePin'.
Step 3   Key in your preferred 6 digit CIMB Clicks ePin. (Temporary pin for CIMB Clicks activation)
Step 4   Key in your 6 digit ePin again to confirm.
Step 5   Key in the mobile phone number that you want the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) to be sent to for CIMB Clicks transaction.
Step 6   You'll see the confirmation of acceptance for your new ePin and mobile phone number.

How to login the first time?

1. Go to www.cimbclicks.com.my and click on First Time Login. 2. Complete the form, read the Terms & Conditions carefully and click Accept and press Submit to activate your CIMB Clicks internet banking access.

Paying your UniKL fees is now easier with CIMB Clicks.

Facts you need to know:

  1. Bill payments for UniKL will be updated on the next working day.
  2. The total limit for bill payment is capped at RM30,000.00 per day. This is inclusive of your bill payment's Standing Instruction.

Need some pointers on how to pay your bills online?

Step 1 Login to CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. Sign-up if you haven't!
Step 2 Select 'Bill Payment' and select the account that you'll be paying from. Click on the "Full Payee List" button to activate selection. Once activated, select "Education" next to the "Full Payee List". There will be the following selections for UniKL:
  • UniKL British Malaysian Institute (BMI)
  • UniKL Institute of Product Design and Manufacturing (IPROM)
  • UniKL Malaysia France Institute (MFI)
  • UniKL Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (MIAT)
  • UniKL Malaysian Institute of Chemical & Bio-Engineering Technology (MICET)
  • UniKL Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT)
  • UniKL Malaysian Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (MIMET)
  • UniKL Malaysian Spanish Institute (MSI)
Select the relevant institute and a screen will appear to key-in your payment details.
Step 3 Complete the following fields to complete your payment:
  • Student Name
  • IC Number
  • Invoice Number *Do get your invoice number at www.online.unikl.edu.my: My Info -> My Ledger -> Registration Invoice Generated for related semester
  • Amount
Click on "submit". You will need to request for a TAC if the selected bill is not a Favourite Bill. Key-in your TAC once you have received it via your mobile phone and proceed to make payment.
Step 4 Upon successful transaction, you'll receive a reference no. with a summary of your transaction.
Step 5 Don't forget to "Logout" once you have completed your transaction!

You may add your most active bills.

Bills that you pay on a frequent basis to your "Favourite List". By doing this, you'll be able to pay your bills without the need to request for a TAC. Here's how you add your bills:

Step 1 Select "Favourite Bills" under the Bill Payment section.
Step 2 Add a new bill by selecting the "Payee Category" (Education) and "Payee Name".
Step 3 Key-in your "Clicks Bill Nickname" and "Student Name".
Step 4 You will need to request for a TAC to confirm your bill addition.

Now that was simple! You'll be able to view your added bill(s) under your "Favourite List" whenever making a bill payment.